A Look Back at 2020

A Look Back at 2020

As we close out this difficult year we would like to thank everyone for their endless support. As a small business, we are grateful for every sale, share, comment, and like that we receive. We notice each and every one of you who interacts with us and these interactions give us the drive to keep moving.

As many of the largest corporations in America made massive profits this year, small businesses drastically suffered from many of them reporting losses in revenue and traffic, and others closing altogether. Your support means everything to us.
Cairo 2020

Alhamdulillah for everything. As the year has progressed, we had our ups and downs. Events we planned to attend and gain exposure to were canceled. We took unknown risks of buying and introducing new products at an unpredictable time. We were limited to mostly organic marketing due to a strict budget.

But at the same time, we had our wins. We revamped our site to make it newer and better performing for our users. We gained more online exposure through partnerships with other small businesses and individuals as well as guest bloggers. We saw increases in our traffic in the last 3 months of the year.

Most of all, in the months of November and December, we set new sales, revenue, and site traffic records twice! In the month of November total visits to our site, our sales, and our revenue crushed our previous high in all 3 categories. But your support did not stop there. In December, we beat November's numbers just barely edging it out in the past week.

This is all because of the faith you all have put in us by trusting us to deliver top quality products to you. In the past two months, about half our sales came from return customers, some of you purchasing even for a third and fourth time. Do not be mistaken, we notice and appreciate, very sincerely, every interaction you make with us, be it a like, comment, share, word of mouth reference, call, text, feedback, and of course sales.

We really hope to continue receiving your support going into 2021. But more importantly, we wish that you all have a beautiful, safe, and happy 2021. And may all the sorrows and challenges of this year be left behind as you move on to bigger and better things.

We love you all,
Ismaeel Elkhateeb and Family
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