NEW: Handmade Olive Oil Soap Bars from Turkey

NEW: Handmade Olive Oil Soap Bars from Turkey

We are super excited to announce one of our most highly anticipated products to date: Handmade Olive Oil Soap Bars! We have just received these new soap bars from Turkey and cannot wait to get them to you. For starters, we just love the variety of scents available in this new collection:

Turkish Coffee
Arabian Musk with Mare Milk
Arabian Oudh with Camel Milk
Donkey Milk
Activated Charcoal
Bal Pollen (Honey and Pollen Essence)
Coconut Shea Butter
Chia and Avocado
Flower Bomb with Turkish Rose
Purifying Mud with Sandalwood
Moisturizing Aloe Vera

coffee soap bars
Olive oil soap bars work as a great skin moisturizer and contain anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps with relieving eczema and acne. It much gentler on the skin than conventional soap bars and of course, smells way better!
I must admit, when I first heard about some of these scents, I thought a few of them were strange. But I went ahead and ordered them anyway because I realized, each one of these scents brings a unique benefit and feeling when you use it. For example, donkey milk soap may not sound attractive; but the donkey milk adds a creamier texture to the soap and gives it that extra bubbly lather when you scrub. Additionally, because of its pH levels, it helps moisturize your skin really well. This is just one example of the amazing scents we have and the near customizable benefits each one can have depending on your skin type, allergies, preference of scent, and so on. 

We will definitely be writing extensively on the various benefits of these soap bars over time in order to help you learn more about them; particularly about using olive oil as the base for all the bars. 

The best part about these soap bars is that they are made with 100% extra virgin olive oil, are sulfate and paraben-free, and safe on the skin. We also use no palm oil; and our products are not tested on animals. 

As we release the new soap bars onto our online store we have decided to release them in 3-packs. This allows you to try multiple types of soap in one purchase or get 3 of the same kind if you really like one in particular. We have listed a number of pre-determined combinations that we think go well together. 

The combinations were put together based on two factors. The first set of combinations you might notice are soaps that are similar or have something in common. If you happen to like a certain type of scent or ingredient, we tried to group those together. For example, since we have Donkey Milk, Mare Milk, and Camel Milk soaps, we grouped the three of those together for a 3-pack. 

However, we also know that people have a range of preferences that may delve into completely different areas, maybe even complete opposites. Or maybe you just want to try a number of different, unrelated scents. For this, we also created a few combinations of soaps that are very different from one another. One example would be the Chia with Avocado, Bal Pollen and Donkey Milk packed together. 

We are more than happy to hear what other combinations of soap bars you would like to see together if it's not already listed; in fact, we encourage the feedback. Additionally, we will continue to expand the list as time goes on. Purchase your 3-pack today and enjoy healthier, cleaner, and better skin!
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