Our New Partnership with Heray Spice

Our New Partnership with Heray Spice

We are very excited to announce our new partnership with Heray Spice! Through Heray Spice we will be sourcing the highest quality Persian saffron from the Herat Province of Afghanistan. The saffron is already available on our website for you to order. If you want to learn more about saffron and its various qualities, check out this blog by Heray Spice's CEO and Founder Muhammad Salahy.
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Saffron can be found in various parts of the world with varying qualities and prices. It is is one of the most valuable spices in the world, so much so that many countries and companies will even barter with it. Our goal with this partnership was to provide you with the highest quality Persian saffron we could find and to be able to provide it at reasonable price for you as our customer. 

Not only is Heray Spice's saffron rated by the International Taste and Quality Institute of Brussels as the highest quality in the world, but they also use a portion of their proceeds to help build Afghan schools by donating to local educational charities. Heray Spice runs a co-op which began in 2017 with just 3 farmers. The co-op has grown now to almost 30 farmers along with 20 women employed seasonally. 

We are looking forward to this exciting partnership and look forward to bringing saffron from Afghanistan right to your doorstep!

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