Palestinian Olive Oil Soaps - History and Benefits

Palestinian Olive Oil Soaps - History and Benefits

We are happy to finally be able to say that we carry Palestinian olive oil soaps bars! This is a product we have been working on providing in our store since our earliest days. We wanted to ensure that we were in fact getting our hands on soap bars made by Palestinians in Palestine and that we are sourcing it ethically. 

Palestinian olive oil soaps are some of the most renowned and highest quality olive oil soaps in the world and have been widely used and distributed in both Palestine and across the Middle East for centuries. In Palestine, there were up to 40 soap makers prior to the occupation. Now only 2 or 3 remain. This olive oil soap is made by a family-owned workshop in Nablus called The Camel (al-Jamal; الجمل). The company was established in 1880. 
Palestinian Olive Oil Soaps
The Camel's main market is in southern Palestine around Hebron. The imprint took its mascot from the camel trains used to carry in the soda ash and olive oil to Nablus from neighboring country sides. Cooked in the traditional style out of olive oil, water, and soda, resulting in a soda-less bar of pure saponified olive oil.

But this won't be the only brand we are looking to provide. Soon, we will be looking at providing the The Two Keys (al-Mufftahein; المفتاحين) brand which has been around for over 800 years. This brand is made by the Touqan family workshop in Nablus. We want to be able to support the soap makers in Palestine as much as possible, and therefore are working to provide multiple brands to choose from and support. 

The tradition of olive oil soaps goes back thousands of years and most countries on the Mediterranean have their own versions of olive oil soaps such as in Syria, Egypt, Turkey and others. In fact, for the past few years, we have been selling handmade olive oil soap bars from Turkey with various scents. The tradition has lived on for so long for good reason. Olive oil soaps are some of the most effective and gentlest soaps out there. 
 View of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives

1. Great for all skin
For starters, olive oil soaps are very sensitive on the skin. This means anyone of any age or skin type can safely use these soaps without fear of any rashes or allergic reactions. Olive oil is naturally hypoallergenic. It also prevents skin dryness and keeps your skin soft and healthy.

2. Anti-Aging Properties
Speaking of healthy skin, olive oil contains components that keep your skin's feel and texture feeling young and rejuvenated. This helps keeps your skin looking younger as you get older. 

3. Soothes eczema and acne
A common question we always receive about soaps is whether or not it can treat acne and eczema. In some cases, we even get asked if it will cause acne and eczema, as other soaps that are not sensitive have caused this for some of our customers. Olive oil is well documented as a natural healer of many skin conditions, primarily acne and eczema. If you are someone who struggles to find the right soap for your skin, this might be a great place to start. 

Over the years we received many requests for unscented olive oil soaps and until now we did not have any, as all our Turkish soaps all have added scents (which are a hit of their own and currently our best selling product!). We can now say that we offer unscented olive oil soaps, and not just any - but some of the best in the world! If you are new to olive oil soap and have sensitive skin, these Palestinian soaps are the perfect place to start. 

If you're ready to give it a try, or if you already a seasoned user of olive oil products, go and order yours here!

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