Benefits of Sidr Honey

Benefits of Sidr Honey

What is Sidr Honey? Why is it so expensive? Where can I get it? What are the benefits of Sidr Honey? Do you have Yemeni Sidr Honey?

These are some of the questions we get regarding our product. We sell organic sidr honey imported directly from India. Honey consumption has been on the rise here in the United States with up to 600 million pounds of honey consumed in the United States in 2017, according to the University of California Agricultural Issues Center. Sidr honey however, is a new player in the honey game here in the United States. With very little familiarity as to what it is, we decided this would be a helpful article to discuss what sidr honey is.

Origin of Sidr Honey

Sidr honey is extracted from the nectar flower of the Sidr Lote tree. This tree goes by various names across different countries. Bari Ber, ZufZuuf, Jujubee, and Hunnap are some of the names you’ll come across in places like Pakistan, Morocco, the Arabian Peninsula, and Turkey respectively. Some of these areas are also where sidr honey is the most common.

Where We Come In

The demand for sidr honey has increased in the west over the past several years, particularly in the United States and the UK. This is where we come into the picture.

At Pasha International, we import organic sidr honey straight from India, one of the areas sidr honey is commonly made. You may be thinking: Everyone talks about sidr honey coming from Yemen. Is yours authentic coming from India? Yes. Though there are varying degrees of the quality of sidr honey, the sidr honey we get from India is still very much 100% pure sidr honey.

Unlike with other types of honey, when it comes to sidr honey, there are no chemicals used in the process, neither on the hives nor on the bees. With many conventional methods, bees are fed syrup in order to yield larger quantities. Chemicals are used on hives to prevent invasions from other insects or animals. This is not the case with sidr honey. The process is completely natural or 100% organic.

But Yemeni Sidr honey is in fact the most expensive and highest quality sidr honey in the world, maybe even of all the kinds of honey. Although the demand for sidr honey has been growing here in the United States, it is still very much a niche product. Yemeni sidr is quite expensive, and for a start-up like ourselves, Yemeni Sidr may be a bit out of our reach. Our Indian imported sidr honey is much more affordable and easier to introduce into the American market. While our goal is to eventually bring in Yemeni sidr honey as well, we feel it’s important to familiarize our customer base with the idea of sidr honey first.

Benefits of Sidr Honey

Sidr honey has numerous health benefits and has been used for thousands of years to treat a variety of ailments. It is commonly known as an antibiotic and antibacterial agent.

Sidr honey is used as a natural aphrodisiac; as well as a natural medicine to treat issues like infections, stomach pain and ulcers, diseases, digestive issues and even cancer. It can also be used to treat skin conditions and boost the immune system.

How To Use Sidr Honey

There are several ways you can consume sidr honey. The simplest way is by consuming it directly. Anywhere from 1-3 teaspoons a day can make a significant difference in your overall health. Personally, I love the taste of honey, so I try to take a spoon of it as regularly as possible. I also use it in my tea as a substitute for sugar and a more natural sweetener. I’ve had customers use it on bread, lattes, desserts, and much more.

I hope this article gave you a better idea of what sidr honey is and piques your interest in giving it a try. If so, be sure to check out our online store and get your bottle today! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out.

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