Pasha’s Trade Routes Launch

Pasha’s Trade Routes Launch

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With the launch of our new travel blog, Pasha’s Trade Routes, we aim to continue to live by our motto, “Bringing the world to your doorstep.” As we work to bring you some of the best quality products from around the world, we also strive to learn as much as possible about the global community by traveling when we can. As the founder of Pasha International, I have had the privilege of being able to pursue my passion of travel to various places around the world including Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Germany, Scotland, Bosnia, Canada, Mexico and more. Now, I want to share my experiences from around the world, with you!

My objective with this blog is to bring a perspective to travel that is different from your average travel blog. Rather than sharing top 10’s, hot summer destinations, or budget travel methods (and don’t get me wrong, I will talk about these things when they are called for; but it won’t be the crux of this blog), I want to take on a more nuanced, historical, sacred and non-orientalist view of the places I go to.

Every place affects a person in a different way. Some places are home, others are spiritual havens while others are historical treasures; yet again few, are all the above.

We would like to inaugurate this blog with an upcoming trip to the rich and historical Spanish south, more commonly known as Andalucía. This September we will be exploring the recent revivals of a lost history. From the final strong-hold of the Emirate of Granada, to layered history of Seville to the learning pioneer of Europe, Cordoba.

We have a lot to cover on this trip and we will be sharing our experiences on here as well as Instagram and Facebook as we move across the country. Check back soon to hear about our travels to Spain, Egypt and Turkey over the next several months!

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