NEW: Black Seed Oil Capsules from Turkey

NEW: Black Seed Oil Capsules from Turkey

As a business that is striving to bring products from around the world and represent various cultures, we wanted to announce that we now have a brand new product from our second country of Turkey: Black Seed Oil Capsules. Up until this point, we sold three products, all imported from India. These are the same three products that we launched our business with over a year ago. 

However, from Day 1, it has been our goal to get high-quality products from numerous countries around the world. High on our list of countries to import products from were Turkey and Egypt. About a month ago, the opportunity finally arose. 

The current pandemic has brought about many challenges for small businesses and we encountered one early on as countries began to lockdown. For quite some time we sold black seed oil capsules imported from India. During the early weeks of the lockdown here in the United States, those capsules quickly sold out. We needed more. However, since India was under a far stricter lockdown than what we had here, we were unable to get our product shipped here. We needed to find another way to meet the current demand. 

This was our opportunity to research into other countries that produce high-quality black seed oil while also still being able to ship at this time. We narrowed it down to two options: Turkey and Ethiopia. We first reached out to a couple of suppliers in Ethiopia, and although their product was very good, the logistics of getting it shipped here did not work in our favor. 

We then reached out to a supplier in Turkey. Their product met even higher quality standards than the black seed oil capsules we previously sold. Additionally, like the Indian product, these were also certified halal. The black seed oil capsules we bought from Turkey are 500 mg per capsule, like the ones from India. Our new bottles are 60 capsules each. The black seed oil is produced using the cold-pressed method. 

Our newest black seed oil capsules are produced in the small city of Burdur, Turkey less than a two-hour drive from Antalya in the southwest of the country. Burdur has a population of about 270,000 and was settled by the Oghuz Turks back in the 11th century with the help of the Seljuq armies to capture the area. Black seed oil is also cultivated in other parts of central Anatolia such as Konya and Ankara as it is native to the region. 

Turkic Tribe

I have been taking black seed oil as well as the black seed oil capsules for some time now and I’ve realized that for many people, they prefer to have the health benefits of black seed oil without having to endure the strong and bitter taste of the oil itself. This is why our black seed oil capsules have become popular with many. Although many of our wholesale customers prefer to buy our oil bottles in bulk, our online customers seem to have preferred the capsules. Using all-natural ingredients, our capsules contain the same benefits as the oil itself. They’re easy to take either first thing in the morning or later at night after a meal. 

Black seed oil originates from Nigella Sativa, a flowering plant that grows in Asia, the Middle East and parts of Eastern Europe. Its health benefits vary and countless studies have been carried out around the world on the benefits of black seed and black seed oil. It has been used across cultures for thousands of years in numerous ways and for various reasons. Its benefits include boosting your immune system, improving skin conditions, treating ulcers and indigestion, easing pain (when applied topically), reducing high blood pressure and high cholesterol, softening skin and the list goes on and on. 

If you have been looking into taking black seed oil as a health supplement but are too nervous about trying the oil, black seed oil capsules are a great place to start. Taking two capsules before or after a meal, first thing in the morning or right before bed is a great way to get into a daily routine of taking the supplement. We also highly recommend coupling our black seed oil with our Organic Sidr Honey as they complement each other in taste and in health benefits. Sidr honey shares a lot of the same benefits of black seed oil as well as some unique benefits of its own. Mixed with black seed oil it can make the oil more palatable as the honey’s sweet taste will make the oil far less bitter. Even if you are taking the capsules, the sidr honey is a great way to supplement the health benefits of the black seed oil capsules. 

Please feel free to reach out with any further questions you may have about our new capsules and don’t forget to check out our blog post from last year about the health benefits of black seed oil!

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How much is 25kg of original ETHIOPIAN black seeds?

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Dear admin,

I am interested to know whether the capsule used is halal or the be exact whether it is “halal certified”?

Siti Rahayu

Dear sir, would like to request details n quotation on-
1. Black seed oil-softgel capsule
2. Black seed oil-softgel capsule + private labelling

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Tuah ismail

Need about 1,000,000 million capsules of black seed oil


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